Hair Coloring can be a tricky process. We specialize in taking away any pressure and giving you a fantastic hair coloring treatment that will add a new vibrance to your hair.

Wet cuts help prevent split ends and flyaway hairs. This is good of rah overall health of your hair, but beyond that depending on the type of cut you are interested in, a wet cut or dry cut may be required.

Scalp treatments unclog the hair follicles, releasing natural conditioning oils. This can improve the overall health of your hair, and maintain longer term resilience.

Highlights can add that extra punch of flair to your hair. Highlights help create a dynamic look that accentuates layers and provides a diverse color palette.

We can both Shampoo and Style your hair so you can leave our salon with refreshed and professionally styled hair.

Gloss treatments provide a unique solution for non-permanent hair coloring. Gloss treatments simply add an additional layer of translucent coloring giving your hair a glow not typically present.

Halo Highlights are about the placement of color in order to accent shape and style.

Perms are a treatment process to change the structure of hair itself. This allows for radical changes in your daily look that are maintained for quite a while.

This is a type of specialized hair smoothing using Keratin Treatment products.

The bread and butter of a salon. We bring a professional grade expertise to every hair cut and style given to our clients.

A treatment designed to give a protective bond to your hair. This can ensure a longevity in your hairs lifecycle which will result in a longer lasting and richer head of hair. Protein Conditioning places a barrier around the follicle, which protects it from further damage.

It is exactly what it sounds like, hair extensions that add a depth and bulk to your hair. However, the services we provide goes one step beyond the norm. Our hair extensions are personally made for each individual client in mind.

Color correction redefines a hairs color mode. It reinforces the desired coloring style to maintain consistency and create the perfect harmony.

Sported by celebrities around the globe, the Balayage is a highlighting treatment that stems from a unique background. This highlighting process is a French technique which translates from the root word ‘to balay’ which means “to sweep”. This technique is applied freehand with no foils and designed to give a more natural finish.


We wax, shape and style your eyebrows to give them the clean edges you deserve.

Accentuating your mouth can be done in many ways. While traditional makeup can do well to give it an extra push – an upper lip waxing can take it to a different level.

Continuing on our quest to accent facial features, this technique can help create a consistency across the rest of the surface.

This is everything. We create a semblance across the surface of your face by treating the surface skin to create consistence. This puts a sharper focus on your features and gives a youthful vibrance that can be model ready.

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